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Alan Pearlman - The Electronic Lawyer
Alan Pearlman - The Electronic Lawyer Links of Interest
Links of Interest
Hewlett-Packard - The finest in computer hardware for the legal profession - Check out the new Tablet1000 P.C. and the iPAQ for both in and out of court use!These two items are A MUST FOR LAWYERS ON THE GO!
Bose - The Bose fine product line is sure to be a hit with the "Road Warrior or Mobile Lawyer". Bose is dedicated to improving quality of life on the road by creating the FINEST in products and the ALL NEW and REDESIGNED "QuietComfort2" headset for superior quiet time in planes, or anywhere noise is a problem! Alan never leaves his office or home without his Quiet Comfort Headset!
The Litebook Company - The Litebook Company is dedicated to improving quality of life by creating leading edge light therapy and Jet Lag recovery systems. The Time Traveler(tm) employs revolutionary white light emitting diode (LED) technology, resulting in an astonishingly bright light delivery system that is extremely compact, lightweight, and durable. Another breakthrough feature is the built-in "Body-Clock Calculator," which uses simple inputs to determine customized light treatment times for Jet Lag. The Calculator also reminds the user of treatment times and stores previous trips in memory. Alan RAVES about his Time Traveler and you will too. This product is a MUST for any Road Warrior!! - EZM offers valuable services that will assist you in your mobile life. EZConference provides an easy and secure solution for impromptu conference calls with clients, EZBackup offers a seemless & secure service for backing up confidential client information - and EZRoam provides you with global internet access so that you can stay in touch with your email and the internet - regardless of where your legal work may take you all over the globe! Services that Alan Pearlman can with confidence recommend to you!
Tom Bihn - The finest in computer Laptop bags and Carrying Cases for all types of activities. TOM BIHN specializes in laptop bags and backpacks designed and manufactured in the USA. Stylish. Functional. Built to last, AND Very cool. - A MUST FOR LAWYERS ON THE GO! Mr. Pearlman uses the Brain Bag and Accessories to keep his computer safe and he HIGHLY RECOMMENDS THAT YOU GET ONE!
PentaxUSA - Pentax provides an easy approach to digital photography for beginning photographers as well as photo enthusiasts alike with a simplified user interface and a wide range of features and functions. Combining years of photographic expertise with the latest advancements in filmless digital technology, Pentax digital cameras provide you with the images you want in the format you need them.
Lexmark International - The Printing Solutions and Services Division (PS&SD) delivers high-powered solutions, services and supplies that meet or exceed the needs of customers ranging from the small office to the large corporate enterprise.
Levit & James, Inc. - Levit & James, Inc. is proud that legal reviewers have found CrossEyes 1.0 a very satisfying product to use. Release 2.0 is a substantial improvement which includes the auto-refresh feature!
Amicus Attorney - A case management program for your office that can do everything you need with one time data entry - quick and easy integration with several other legal specific programs! - Everything you need to make you a true Road Warrior of the 21st Century. A fine product line of Office on the go products. I highly recommend them and I use them in my car, on the highway and at every airport I travel in! When your on the road, bring your office comforts with you !
Chicago Bar Association - The most recognized Association in and around Chicagoland! Check out their resources.
Summation - True Integration, Since 1988 Summation is the original publisher of truly integrated litigation support software. With Summation Blaze® (an award-winning software program), ALL case elements -- Realtime transcripts, final transcripts and annotations, document summaries, document images and their accompanying OCRed text -- can be simultaneously searched with a few keystrokes.
DealProof - A program that allows you to go about your business while it proof reads all your transactional documents for you!
Illinois State Bar Association - Among the nations leading State Bar Associations - check out their legal Links.
Software Technology, Inc. - Check out their new time and billing system for your firm - TABS III.This latest version is sure to be a winner for your firm!
InData - We fulfill all of the Imaging, Video Production, Software Development, Electronic Data Discovery and Trial Consulting needs for Trial Lawyers.

Alan Pearlman - The Electronic Lawyer